Our last fall semester in class!!

Hello blog followers!!

We would like to welcome you all back to another school year with the Tran siblings. We finally made it…this will be our last fall semester in class…..FOREVER!!! (that is if everything goes as plan) We are looking forward to finally begin our third year in pharmacy school here at the U. The sooner we start, the sooner we’ll finish and go off onto our rotations. Before starting our third year, we both had the honor of being 2 out of the 30 team leaders at the first year orientation in Sandstone, MN to help welcome in the Class of 2016!

preview of the Class of 2016

Over 160 students were at the one day retreat, representing both students from our Duluth and Twin Cities campus. The retreat helps to mark the beginning of our career as pharmacy students and also to serve as an informal welcome into the profession, before the white coat ceremony the following day. Both team leaders, faculty of the college, and first years participated in games and discussions that helped to solidify communication skills and develop professional identities.

awesome leaders at the retreat

Being back at the site and seeing all the brand new faces, brought back memories of our first year orientation, how scared we were and how everything was so foreign to us. And now looking back, we have gone such a long way in these past 2 years, it is hard to believe that time has already zoomed past us. Similarly, this next year will do the same (we hope….).

And of course, what’s a Minnesota summer without the Minnesota State Fair?!?!?! Before we could buckle down, we had to make a mini trip to the good ol’ Minnesota get-together. The fair was started in 1859 to highlight agriculture and encourage farming in the region. This is an annual event that attracted 1,788,512 fair-goers this year!

a mini collage of our adventure at the fair

Here is just a mini list of what we did at the fair: went down the GIANT slide, visited the haunted house, got free beer and beef jerky, played many fair games, went on the Zipper, ate a boat load of food including pork chops on a stick, deep fried candy bar on a stick, alligator on a stick, corn dog, garlic fries, corn on the cob on a stick, a bucket of cookies, and so much more!! If you visit Minnesota around the labor day weekend, the state fair is a must!

Now summer is officially over, and third year has begun, we must get back to our studying….yes, we already have an exam coming up on the second week of school. Until next time!


before heading into the haunted house


corn, alligator, corn dog

eating a whole pineapple

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