Challenge Accepted.

Hello blog followers and fellow bloggers,

I am excited to be joining the blog and to share my experiences as I face the beast (otherwise known as the second year).  I am quite sad to say goodbye to my first summer in the Cities.

It was quite eventful!

I took a trip back home to Colorado with the my wife and son. I had an amazing experience at my IPPE where I  got to do a lot of compounding and worked a lot at the hospital.

Summer gave me some perspective on how to approach this second year and I am excited for the experiences to come.

An end of summer tradition; the state fair with the little man.

The end of summer is bittersweet, but I am very excited to see all my classmates and for the material we will be learning over these next two semesters.

Only 4 days into school and the desk is chaos! I am already enjoying the materials we are learning in Pharmacology, Medicinal Agents, Pharmacotherapy, and Kinetics.


Challenge accepted.

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