BK, Reporting for Duty!

Hey, I’m BK – for Brittany Karns, also known as Bradykinin, BK Value Meal, BK Stacker, BK Coups, B-Kizzle, BK Minaj, Brittania, and many other names that have been conferred on  me by my class over the past three years.


I’m currently a 4th year on rotations, so that’s the majority of the perspective I’ll be brining to the blog. I’m also from out-of-state (Fairbanks, Alaska), attended the Duluth campus, was and am involved in a number of organizations including MPSA, College Board, UMD PharmD, GAPSA, and PDX, took the Leading Change in Pharmacy courses, am working on a Leadership Emphasis, and went on the Germany APPE trip, SO, I’m more than happy always to answer any questions on any of these topics! brittany.karns@gmail.com

AND, below is an awesome photo of the super cool 1st years in my and Joe Lahti’s group at the Orientation in Sandstone a few weekends back – thanks for a great time, I’m so excited for you guys! Saddest part about 4th year? Not getting to see my classmates (aka family), super cool underclassmen friends, and meet the newbies!


Happy to be here! More coming soon!



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