APPE: Solid Organ Transplant

Now officially 2.5 weeks into my first Acute Care Block working at UMMC (UMN Medical Center) Fairview Hospital on the East Bank. I’m on Unit 6D- Solid Organ Transplant (The S.O.T.). We see kidney, liver, and pancrease transplant patients. Going into hospital with essentially no hospital experience (worked at a Native Alaskan IHS Clinic for the past many years) has been a huge learning curve! Working on this floor is great- I’m learning a ton about transplant meds, obviously, but also about renal failure and disease states associated with renal failure, about liver failure and disease states associated with liver failure, as well as hemostasis, infecious disease, fluid balance, and so much more. It is a bit worrying how much I have forgotten since I left the classroom, but I’m getting it back in a hurry! I want to hit more on what being a pharm student at Fairview looks like, but for now  I better go read some things and get my homework done!

Cheers and much love! Always feel free to email me with questions-

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Ian Maclaren

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