Tension headaches, 4:00 AM cramming, and don’t forget to suit up!

As the 100+ tasks on my current gTasks application would lead one to believe, things have hit the fan! I am surprisingly fine with this though. Perhaps first year was enough practice to master the art of time management, or perhaps it is the fact that I enjoy learning the “meat and potatoes” of pharmacy school.

This last week was very busy and a lot of fun. I got to have an awesome time talking to older patients about their asthma at a health fair (through Project Breath an MPSA patient care project). It is amazing how much I surprise myself with the knowledge I have already attained in school and to be able to impact other peoples lives.

We also had our first two exams in Medicinal Agents and Pharmacotherapy. Got through them just in time to finish the week off with some family time before working in IV’s this weekend at UMMC making some TPN’s!

Pic of my son of the week!

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