Duluth Days at Glensheen Mansion!

Hello everyone!


Sorry for being MIA last week but that was probably the roughest week of school that we had so far.  “Who ever told you that the Fall semester of 2nd year in pharmacy school was the hardest and that everything is downhill from there…LIED!” Dr. Doneka Scott, our PDIV Paper professor, warned us on the first day of class.  We have so much busy work, lots of projects, homework, papers, exams, and in the midst of that, we still have work, church, and duties at home that we had to take care of.  Though school is starting to become overwhelming, I am glad that I am in the last year of classes and look forward to rotations. 


Two weeks ago, I had a chance to check out the Duluth campus after 3 year in pharmacy school.  Duluth day is a yearly event that the College Board, the governing student body here in the College of Pharmacy, puts together in September after 2 weeks of classes. Over 40 students from the Twin Cities campus decided to attend along with 200+ students from Duluth. This was the biggest showing that College Board had ever had for Duluth day.  The event happened at the Glensheen Mansion and the weather cooperated beautifully with us.  We drove up to Duluth in time for lunch and ate at Blackwood’s Restaurant, our caterer for the Duluth Day event as well.  We then attended lecture, and I got to see my sister on the other side of the screen!  Thank you to our Duluth classmates for sharing their seats with us so that we can have a great spot to sit and take notes during lectures.  After class, some of our colleagues in Duluth took us to Enger’s Tower where we took many awesome pictures!  We then swung by Fitger’s, a local brewery, and had happy hour there.  Then we headed to the mansion, ate very good food, mingled with students from all 4 years, and took many more great pictures.   Enjoy the pictures!  🙂

Thanks Duluth!

-Phat T. 

PS. Due to the size of the pictures, I’ve only uploaded a few on this blog.  Feel free to check out our other blog page for the entire album.   http://transpharmers.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/duluth-days-at-glensheen-mansion/ 

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