Where did September go?!

Hello fellow bloggers and blog followers!

I’m Tawny, a PD3 and a native Californian on the Duluth campus.  I’m excited to be up and blogging now after a busy start to third year!  The first few weeks of school is always fun as everyone is getting to know the incoming first years and there are tons of meetings and events occurring on an almost daily basis.  I still can’t believe it’s our last year in the classroom before we’re off on rotations.  I’ve been in Minnesota for over 2 years already?!  Wow, time has flown by so fast!

The crew at Good Price Pharmacy, Innisfail.

Since this past summer was my “last summer off” as a student, I was lucky enough to spend it doing some traveling in the Cook Islands, Taiwan and Australia.  I even got to spend 4 weeks working in an Australian pharmacy.  My bf, Tony, did the Student Exchange Program through IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation) and I was able to go with him and fortunate enough to be able to work with him in the pharmacy.  It was a phenomenal experience to see how pharmacy is practiced in another country and to not only bring back ideas that could be integrated into future practice, but also provide our own insight and knowledge to their practice of pharmacy.  I was able to use what I learned last year in pharmacotherapy to educate a patients and uncover a few drug therapy problems.  I informed a patient that her 3-month long dry cough could possibly be from her ACE inhibitor and to speak to her doctor about possibly trying a different class of medication.  After learning a patient was experiencing unexplained muscle pain/soreness, I was able to look at his med list and educate him about a drug interaction between simvastatin and amlodipine, which could cause myopathy in patients.  BOOM intervention!  The pharmacy was able to document the two interventions and credit them towards their Quality Control Protocol.  Besides the experience gained in the pharmacy, we met so many fantastic people, had the chance to do quite a bit of sightseeing and even dove the Great Barrier Reef!  If anyone is interested in learning about pharmacy and healthcare in other countries, I would highly suggest taking the International Pharmacy elective (offered in the Spring) or looking into the Student Exchange Program at http://www.ipsf.org/.

Tony’s turtle high-five.

This year started off quickly and before I knew it we were already 4 weeks into the semester and the leaves were already changing into beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow (with pictures to come).  I’ve been outside running, but keep forgetting to snap a few pictures.  I don’t get much of the 4 seasons back at home, so I get extra excited when fall comes around because everything just looks so pretty! UMD PharmD just had their annual Wine and Cheese party this past Friday, which was a much needed break from school after a long week and our first 2 exams of third year.  It’s always a great event to get everyone together before the semester gets too hectic and a special shout out to the INR (Isaac, Nate and Roger) house for hosting all of us!

Before I go, I just want to wish everyone a happy American Pharmacists Month!  Throughout the whole month of October, we will be promoting pharmacy and trying to get the public more aware of how accessible pharmacists are!  So remember, “Know your medicine, know your pharmacist!”


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