Busy, busy bees & the PNC!

Hello everyone!

For the past two weeks, we’ve been so swamped with exams and assignments that we had no time to post anything.  Can’t believe that we are now halfway into October already!  Time does fly by when you are super busy.  We do a have lots of things currently that’s required for 3rd year pharmacy school and on super important task of every third year student…setting up your life for the entire year next year aka selecting rotation sites!  The process of selecting rotation sites can be quite cumbersome and frustrating for many students which entails: looking at rotation sites (APPE) under each categories like patient care, ambulatory care, acute care, community, institutional, and electives like academia, management, psych, etc…seeing which one we are interested in and see if it requires an interview, setting up those interviews, putting in our selections, and then cross our fingers and hope to get your first choice!  Besides this, we are also trying to figure out a topic to write our PDIV paper, an element that we must complete in order to graduate.  But enough about school…we wanted to share with you something fun that we really enjoyed doing here at the University of Minnesota which is volunteering at the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic (PNC).

Currently I am the Operations Chair for the PNC, a free student-run clinic that serves the marginalized patients in the Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis that does not have access to healthcare.  The entire PNC Admin Board and I were very busy last weekend as we had our Orientation and Mock Clinic for the new volunteers.  It was extremely exciting!  It’s so nice to see ~150 new and enthusiastic faces that are willing to offer their time and service despite their busy schedule and heavy course load.  This will be our third year volunteering at the PNC and we love every minute of it!  Both my sister and I love the two-fold mission at the PNC:  1. To aim to provide culturally appropriate, quality, interdisciplinary health care and education services to members of the Phillips neighborhood with the hopes of improving both access to health care and quality of life within the community; and 2. To also strive to provide professional students with the skills they need to become effective and compassionate health care providers to those who are under-insured and unstably housed.

The PNC provide a wide array of services including medical care, nursing care, physical therapy, pharmaceutical dispensing, pharmaceutical care, nutrition counseling, social work, mental health counseling, foot care, care coordination, flu shots, and public health services in order to decrease fragmentation of services and referral needs.  Volunteering at the PNC helped us to understand of the roles each discipline has in health care, how to communicate effectively in a team, and to become more effective and caring health professionals as we work our ways to become future pharmacists.  Currently, we have around 300+ student volunteers and 50 health care professionals from the schools of Nursing, Public Health, Physical Therapy, Medicine, Social Work and Pharmacy volunteering at the PNC.  Below are some pictures from the PNC Orientation.  Enjoy 🙂


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