4th Year Is Awesome… Except I Miss My Classmates!

ImageAmongst the many FABULOUS parts of being a 4th year there are actually a few sad parts, the main one being (in addition to writing the onerous PharmD IV Paper) not seeing my pharmacy family every day. We grew so very close over the past three years. First Year you meet everyone, get to know each other, get some class jokes going, make some good friends. Then Second Year you all live breath and sleep school together, you see everyone at their most sleep deprived, crabby, lowest stages (my classmates have seen me looking my absolute worst!) and suddenly– you become more than a close class, you become family. Finally you emerge  into Third Year where you find you have become old-souls and are sImagetuck toughing out the oh-my-word-why-is-there-still-so-much-school-left classes together. You and your peers take on leadership roles and accomplish amazing things, power through a boat load of assignments, and commiserate about classes together. In addition to this, I got to know and be close with so very many upperclassmen who have since left for their 4th years and graduated, as well as underclassmen who I now get to see oh-so-infrequently, not to mention the amazing faculty. I truly think I know almost every person in the classes above and below me and in the classes above and below those. I made some of the best and closest friendships of my life, and I miss all of these people!

This is one of the things I truly value most about having attended the Duluth Campus- the smaller class size and opportunity to know absolutely everyone in my class, and know them well. The Duluth College really has an amazing, fun, supportive, active, leadership-oriented close-knit culture, one that I am proud to have been shaped by and to have contributed to. This is not remotely a knock against attending the Twin Cities campus, because I know they have the same thing, but happening in subsets of the class. But the beauty, to me, of having been part of my smaller knew-everyone class is comparative to my experiences having been on sports teams and in orchestras-  There is really something important and amazing about being a part of one, unified group in which you all know each other and work together well. It is something that I have and will continue to very highly value, and something that I’ve heard most people in Duluth comment on. It amazes me how many students say, “I wanted to go to TC but now that I’m here I’m SO happy I got Duluth!” – This describes my own experience as well. And I find that students I’ve met from other, similarly sized colleges or disciplines say the same thing about the perceived value of small class size. On the other hand, you still also absolutely get to be  a part of the larger UMN CoP Culture and enjoy being part of a large school with an amazing program. So to me, it has been the best of both worlds!

Then, poof – Fourth Year comes and you’re on rotations and it’s exciting and you learn a ton… except you almost only ever see one or two family members at the same time! Tho to be fair, part of this awesomeness is because the Class of 2013D is probably the greatest class the CoP has ever seen in all of time…. I mean, what other class has made a class music video ;)!? And perfect opportunities come up to use all those inside class jokes but no one who understands is around (MEAT, extreme throat clearing, akathesia, splash zone, and tchuss, to name just a bare few!). So basically, this post is just a shout-out to all of my classmates, upper and lower, Duluth and TC and extra-especially the most-epic 2013D- I MISS YOU ALL! We have so far made good use of professional meetings and classmates events to get larger groups of us together, including the MSHP Midyear Meeting (some 20-30 of us were there, and about 14 of us were able to make it to dinner together after), College Board-sponsored Duluth Days, the APhA-ASP Midyear Meeting in Fargo, and different classmates weddings.Image I am very much looking forward to many more events to get back together with my classmates and the many underclassmen I miss, including PDX initiation in Duluth, MPhA Pharmacy Nights,  ASHP Midyear Meeting in Vegas, the Bonspiel in Duluth, the CoP Talent Show in Duluth, the APhA Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, the Pub Crawl in Duluth, and hopefully many many more!


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