Do it for the Herd!

Have you gotten your flu shot this year???

This semester, my brother and I are enrolled in a course titled “Immunization Tour”. This is an interprofessional course that is offered to both pharmacy and nursing students. Working together in teams and with the help of Boyton (our school clinic), we conduct 4 clinic days throughout the semester, in various locations on campus, with the sole purpose is to administer this year’s flu vaccine to students, faculty, and family members. And the best part about it? It’s FREE!! Our next clinic date will be Thursday Nov. 8 at Coffman Union. If you had not had your flu shot this year….it’s still not too late. Come and see us 🙂 During our previous clinic date, even our very own Dean Speedie from our COP came to get her flu shot!

Just remember, getting this flu shot will not only be  for your own benefit, but you are also doing it for the herd. GO GET ONE!


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