What I do at the PNC

YESSSSSSS! Final done with all our exams last week! This week is pretty much a week for me to catch up on some studying… yep, cramming is no fun! I finally learned my lesson :/

Anyway, I mentioned in my previous post that PDX is administrating flu vaccines at the PNC (again, check out the Transpharmers’ blog to find out more about PNC!). Besides observing upperclassmen giving flu-shots, I actually do hold another position at the clinic. My assigned position is Lab-Guru and what does a Lab-Guru do? LAB TESTS! At beginning of each shift, we are responsible for checking inventory of the lab supplies, and then we get to run some tests depending what a Med Clinician orders. Some tests we perform at the clinic include urinalysis, rapid HIV, pregnancy, HA1c, fingerstick glucose, etc. The blood samples we collect are then delivered to Fairview for further testing. At the end of each shift, we contact Med Clinicians via email to remind them to communicate the lab results to the patients.

Each first-year Lab-Guru are required to have two shadowing shifts before the actual shift. I just had my first shadowing done a couple weeks ago and it was quite an experience! Some of my fellow Lab-Guru partners had the opportunity to draw blood. I didn’t get to do that since I didn’t have any phlebotomy training at that time. I had my official phlebotomy training last Friday where I practiced drawing blood on a fake arm, and a real person! So let’s see if I’ll be able to successfully draw blood at my second shadowing shift tonight… 🙂

Picture of the week:

First-year PDX pledges! A couple more days until initiation where we’ll finally be considered as active members 😀

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