Busy End to a Busy Semester

Hello fellow blog followers!!

Sorry we’ve been MIA these past few weeks. Third year is not a walk in the park. We’ve been very occupied trying to finish up our proposal for our PharmD 4 paper. Even though it’s just a 1 credit course….we NEED this one credit in order to graduate! For this paper, you can either do a literature review about a topic related to drugs and/or pharmacy, or conduct a research involving drugs/pharmacy. The school does an excellent job at trying to keep us ahead of the game and start thinking about our topics and creating a rough draft. This is to prevent us from waiting until the day before it’s due (sometime in December 2013) to get started on our 30 page paper! I appreciate all of the deadlines set out for us in this class to help us develop our paper…however…all of the work starts to get overwhelming as the semester winds down.

On top of this, we all just had our first antibacterial exam from Dr.Remmel (you’ll get to know him in one way or another throughout your years at the CoP) last Tuesday…..and well, it really kicked our butts! I mean all 167 of our butts. Infectious diseases and antibiotics are NOT easy…so don’t wait until the week before to start studying. He warned us…we just didn’t listen.

On a better note, early Thanksgiving morning, at 4am, our youth group at church went to volunteer at Meals on Wheels and helped packed over 1000 meals to be delivered to homebound adults all over the community. Throughout the 4 hours, we worked and packed until our arms went numb. After completing our mission, we were able to head home to continue our slumber.

One last thing….ONLY 11 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!!!!  Let the countdown begin….

See you all next time!

– Kim

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