On my way to becoming a PD1.5

I apologize for the late update! I’ve been swamped with school work and other extracurricular activities.. I’m sure you know how that goes, especially it’s almost the end of the semester!

Anyway, I got a comment on my previous blog post and the reader asks if I could give her some tips on studying for PCAT. First of all, thank you so much for reading my post! It really means a lot to me šŸ™‚

For PCAT, I would say spend at least a month or so to go over all the major concepts in science and math areas. I did purchase a Kaplan PCAT review book and I think it does a good job of condensing all the materials all into a book. I also took a PCAT prep course and whether you should take a prep course or not really depends on your learning style. Taking a prep course doesn’t guarantee a good score. I have friends who have never taken any prep courses and did extremely well on the PCAT, whereas I’m the type who really needs someone to watch me so I can stay motivated to learn the materials.

For verbal and reading section, the best way to prepare for it is to READ A TON! Verbal and reading skills are not something that you can build in a short amount of time, so start early and READ, READ, and READ!

This is a little off topic…but I know a lot of you who are applying for pharmacy school are probably really nervous for PCAT. In my opinion, PCAT is important, but it is NOT the most important thing on your application. The admission committee does take everything into account on your application. Instead of only focusing on PCAT, the best way to become a competitive applicant is to have things that will show the admission committee how unique you are. These things can be study abroad, leadership, volunteering, or shadowing experiences. They don’t necessary all have to be pharmacy related, but having a variety of experiences will make you a well-rounded applicant!

Good luck to you all!

Picture of the week:


I have to admit that I haven’t been taking any interesting pictures lately… but as I was going through my computer thinking what picture to upload, I found this picture. This is my name tag for the first-year orientation. We (both Twin Cities and Duluth students) were divided into different teams and I was in the duck team. This is completely not related to PCAT, but I cannot believe we’re almost done with our first semester! It really seems like we just had our orientation not long ago… where did the time go?

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  1. girl1431

     /  December 12, 2012

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply my previous questions. It really means a lot to me. Thank you much! Last but not the least, do you know any other schools that have similar application requirement as UofM. I am planning on taking my PCAT in spring of 2013 as I will be done with my undergrad in fall of 2013. Do you think that’s a good time to take the PCAT?

    Best of šŸ‘šŸ’ŠšŸ’‰šŸ“šŸ“– Hopefully I will be in that “duck” group in 2014. šŸ™†

    • susanatumn

       /  December 14, 2012

      Thanks for your comment again! I’ll answer your question in my next blog post and that should be sometime at the end of next week, after my finals are done! Hope you don’t mind! šŸ™‚

  2. Yves GIRANEZA

     /  December 16, 2012

    This is wonderful,but I would like to know what do I have to know the most in order to pass the interview.Thx

  3. No problem,good luck and waiting..


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