Transplant Student

When I thought of the topics for my blogs this semester I knew one of them would have to be about being an out of state student. The College of Pharmacy brings student and distinguished faculty from across not only the United States, but  from all parts of the world!

Being born and raised in Colorado it sure is different not looking to the west to see the purple mountains everyday. Of course I miss aspects of my home state but I have become very fond of the Twin Cities and proud to be associated with such a wonderful place.

Photo Feb 17, 11 11 14 AM


There are many reasons I think Minnesota is a great place to live. The Twin Cities campus specifically offers a unique mixture of college atmosphere in the presence of a very populous urban environment. The area is rich in art, music, and is very family friendly with plenty of things to keep little ones busy. It also is extremely bike friendly, it has an impressive public transportation system (which is only getting better when the Central Corridor construction is finished), and of course the amazing hunting and fishing that Minnesota is famous for.

Of course you have to love snow…(not really last year though)

Photo Feb 04, 10 29 44 AM       Photo Feb 17, 10 47 31 AM

And if not…. we have tunnels on campus!

The College of Pharmacy has been incredibly helpful in the transition from out of state. We currently live on student family housing which is so convenient (I take the free campus shuttle to class everyday) and we were able to find childcare through the University of Minnesota as well.

If you have any specific questions about the Twin Cities, Minnesota, or the transition from out of state feel free to ask !


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  1. Obinna

     /  December 13, 2012

    It’s interesting to read about your “out of State” transition. I have been in the Twin Cities for barely a week and I’m loving it here already- despite the persistent snow; it’s been pure fun and wonderful scenery- especially for a guy from Africa- from “Out of Country”. 🙂

    I totally love this place- I don’t know whether it’s the weather or the smell of the air, or the lights at night or the serenity of the neighbourhoods; there’s something about Minneapolis that’s got me thinking- this could be home for a long time to come (esp since I got permanent residence status).
    Anyway; I plan to get into the Pharm D program and can already imagine it’d be tough for a guy who’s had all his education in Nigeria. But deep down; I’m positive I’m up for the challenge and am ready to convice the appropriate school authorities that my Biochemistry degree is strong foundation. And all my schooling has been in English language.

    I wanna ask; for international students (got permanent residence status though) what does it take to get in besides PCAT? How do you reconcile a foreign degree in Africa to say a PharmCAS GPA? Is there an African/International student community and what’s the feel like for them on campus?

    These are a few things I’d like to know- if you don’t mind- and I appreciate what you’re doing with enlightening prospective students in getting a clearer picture of what it is like to study pharmacy in your school.

    I’d be expecting your early response at your earliest convenience

    Yours Sincerely
    Prospective “Transplant Student” from West Africa 😀


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