Interview Tips

Hope everyone is surviving this cold Minnesota winter. It’s been a cold and icy week. I actually slipped and fell twice this week. Good thing I didn’t get any serious injuries…  Be careful when you walk on the icy ground so you don’t end up falling like me… 🙂

Just a recap of what I’ve been doing last week. Besides going to classes, I gave a tour for prospective students on interview day. Seeing the interviewees reminded me the day when I had my interview. I remembered I got my interview invite from the University of Minnesota exactly one week before the interview date. I immediately had a panic attack (well, not really) thinking one week was too short for me to prepare for the interview. On top of that, I had to go buy a suit! That week was probably the most anti-social week of my life – I went online and found some possible interview questions and practiced with my friends. For some reason, the more I practiced, I more nervous I got. My interview was at 8am that day and I couldn’t sleep at all the night before. All I could think of was the interview questions…

My interview group was split into two subgroups. One group would interview first while the other group would go on a tour. I had my interview first and you have no idea how nervous I was. I went into the room shaking, and my interviewer definitely could tell that I was nervous. She held my hands and told me to relax. The whole interview lasted for about 50 minutes. At the end of the interview I just felt like drinking a gallon of water! HAHA!

I know I’m probably not the best person to give any interview tips, but I’ll still go ahead and do that. Everyone is different and you don’t necessarily have to take my advice 🙂

Something that I kept telling myself to do. I know it is hard to do but just take a deep breath 🙂

Your interviewer knows nothing about your PCAT scores, GPA, recommendation letters. The interview serves as an opportunity for the interviewer to get to know you and see if you’re a good fit for the program. Do not give brief answers. The more you talk about your personal experiences, the more they are able to assess you as a person. Always try to elaborate your answers!

Sometimes you will get questions that completely throw you off. First of all, do not panic! My interviewer asked me an ethical question and she wanted to know what I would do in that scenario if I was a pharmacist. I paused and asked if I could have a moment to think about the answers. You don’t want to start answering right away and sound disorganized. Allow yourself some time to formulate your answers.

Smile and tell them how much you love pharmacy 🙂

Always thank your interviewer for taking their time to interview you. Your interviewer probably interviews quite a few of students each semester. Sending them a thank-you card not only shows your appreciation, it also helps them remembering who you are!

Good luck to you all!

Picture of the week:

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 11.48.38 AMFirst-year ladies at the Pharmacy Gala!

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