Pharmacy School Application Process: A Systematic Review of the Chaos

Seeing the nervous interviewees around the College of Pharmacy brings back the memories that seem so far away but were really only two years ago! I remember the entire pharmacy school application process was incredibly busy and stressful. I ended up flying all over the country from California (twice), Arizona, Colorado, and Minnesota and got lots of interview practice. Here are some tips for the process as well as some of the reasons I chose to come to Minnesota.

Application: START EARLY! I remember many of my undergraduate friends frantically trying to get all the pieces for their application in on time. It did not work out well for many of them. Particularly, I would start developing relationships with people as early as possible for letters of recommendation. I found people from both my job and professors. I believe it is more important what the person says about you than who the person saying them is.

Interview: Practice, practice, practice. I remember I would have mock interviews in the shower quite frequently (ya it interfered with my singing, but probably worth it). The most important part of the interview in my mind was letting them know who I was as a person and explaining why I wanted to care for patients. Another little hint is that many schools will give you the name of the person interviewing you the day of your interview. This is a great chance to bust out the smartphone for a little internet search (or many professors have information hung around the hallways). This way you can bring up topics that your interviewer is interested in and it will also make it look as though you are incredibly interested in the program. Most of all be yourself and connect with your interviewers as people.

Decision time: I know for me once I got my first acceptance I was so excited and happy, but as more came in and deadlines for deposits started coming  it became evident that I would have to make an incredibly hard decision. One bit of advice for any of you who may come into this problem is if you call and ask for extensions on deposits most programs will give you a little room. In the end, my family and I decided moving to the Twin Cities was the best choice for us for several reasons:

1. The campus- I had never seen the U of M campus but while I visited for my interview I was blown away. The Academic Health Center, as well as the U of M campus as a whole are beautiful with plenty of places to keep busy no matter what you are into.

2. The faculty- The world renowned faculty and innovators in the profession gave me confidence that I would receive the best education here.

3. The progressive nature of pharmacy in Minnesota- I wanted to be part of the evolution of Pharmacy and see it from the front lines. In fact many of the residencies I had been looking at before pharmacy school had many of their residents graduate from the U of M

4. Minnesota- A great place to raise a family, good education, seasons, good public transportation/traffic, and a relatively low cost of living (compared to some other places).

Looking back I often wonder what it would be like if I had chosen to attend a different school, or live in a different state, but I am confident that I made the right decision. If you have any questions about the process or any specifics feel free to ask!

In other big news…. It’s a girl!



Doesn’t my son look SOOOOO excited? HAHA

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  1. Super congrats!!


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