To work or not to work? That is the question…

As a student admission ambassador, I often get asked a lot of questions regarding whether students should work during their first year. I remembered wondering about the same thing when I first started school. I’ve always worked throughout my undergrad years and not having a job somehow makes me feel sort of “insecure”. But at the same time I thought I should focus more on school since I knew that pharmacy school is completely different than undergrad. I told myself that I would just get a job once I get used to the pharmacy school life. One day, I got an email saying that a community pharmacy is hiring first-year students. As much as I told myself that I should wait, I applied right away. The inner me just couldn’t stand not having a job…plus the extra cash is always nice! So here I am, been working since September and I’d say having a job during first year is actually quite manageable. I work one weeknight per week and every other weekend. It doesn’t really interfere with my studying at all, it rather improves my time management skills – I make sure that I get all the homework and studying done if I have to work on a weekend. One thing I like working at a community pharmacy is that I get a lot of interactions with patients from different backgrounds. Another thing is that you get to learn the brand and generic names of medications. Sometimes I see over-the-counter medications that I learned in lab and I’m always thinking, “I totally just learned about this med! I know how this med works and what to educate the patients!”.

So that’s just my opinion… you don’t necessarily have to work during your first year. There is no rush at all. In fact, you will get a lot of emails regarding internships during your second semester (which is happening right now)! You WILL eventually find something sooner or later 🙂

Picture of the week:

sallysUs first-year students de-stressing at a local bar after finishing two exams and a heavy homework load week!

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