Click here to see the UMD CoP Harlem Shake - created partly for fun and mostly as a fundraiser for a mission trip in mexico!


(In case you don’t get around to reading the below, at least watch CoPD’s Harlem Shake Video—Ridiculous and Awesome! Created both for fun and as a fundraiser for the Mission Trip to Mexico: )

2012 edition of Movember, recognized by profs (yes, that's Dunham, and Swanoski too) and students alike!

2012 edition of Movember, recognized by profs (yes, that is Dr. Dunham in there- and Swanoski!) and students alike!!

Broomball 2

Pharmacy Broomball team wins Gold Championship vs the Med School- we were ludicrously happy, can you tell?

MAN we have fun in the “Northland”. I think one of the greatest realizations I’ve had during my 4 years (yeesh it’s gone fast) as a student at UMN is that the two campus are indeed different- not in terms of education, which is not only the same in both places but GREAT at that- but in terms of culture, and that that isn’t at all a bad thing, in fact it’s one of the college’s greatest strengths!! I absolutely adored every single thing about being on the Duluth campus, the absolute biggest reason being: the tight-knit, positive, supportive, creative, FUN culture. So many amazing things that happen as a direct result of being in setting where everyone knows everyone (we seriously do!) and we have a million events (I’ve listed just a few below) and traits that are totally campus-unique and not happening in both places:

2011 Ugly Sweater Party

2011 Ugly Sweater Party

Just a few of the AWESOME things that happen in Duluth:

Ridiculous close-knit culture creativeness, case-in-point: HARLEM SHAKE VIDEO!

Rappers at the Duluth Annual CoP Talent Show

Rappers at the Duluth Annual CoP Talent Show

Annual Talent Show (SO fun, people are amazing. Check out this original-composition all ABOUT going to Pharm School in Duluth by Taylor Hill from this January:

– Amazing whole-class bonding (on an assignment where the prof mistakenly told us we could work in any-size groups we wanted, my entire class banded together to turn in one single project- a class music video spoof of Ice, Ice Baby-A direct result of being a tight-knit culture:

A Dean who knows all of us and cares a ridiculous amount. And that goes for the faculty too- vs in a larger campus setting.

The Commons—so much awesomeness, from resident flamingo’s to microwaves that have names… it’s always a party in there

CoP Polar Plunge Team 2013!

CoP Polar Plunge Team 2013!

Pharmacy Polar Bear Plunge (to raise $ for the Special Olympics- this year team went as waldo, last year as Party Rock, etc!)

Flannel Fridays

Any random Friday :D!

Any random Friday (every Friday is Flannel Friday) :D!

Annual Pharmacy Duluth Bonspiel

Intramurals (Duluth Pharmacy has TONS of teams, and we have a strong tradition of winning. Volleyball, soccer, curling, broomball, softball, tennis!)



UMD PharmD Social Club (hosts tons of awesome events for everyone)

Ugly Sweater Party

– Wine and Cheese Party

– Duluth Days

– Party Bus

– PDX Pub Crawl in Superior (fun times!)

American Pharmacists Month Potlucks in the Commons (so delicious!)

UMD PharmD Event!

UMD PharmD Event!

Nights at Grandma’s, Mexico Lindo, Upbar, Dublin’s, Roscoe’s, etc

Masquerade White Coat Ball

Class Jokes (MEAT, Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That)

Class photos and t-shirts

– so so much more ridiculousness, from entering a member in the Universities Man of the Year competition , to beard-growing competitions that include the profs, to pajama days, a Men of Pharmacy Calendar, and so many other things.

Men of Pharmacy Calendar 2012

Men of Pharmacy Calendar

I can’t tell which comes first- Duluth somehow gets great people and we therefore are an amazing community to be a part of, or that the culture is so great that amazing people are attracted and/or made, but. I feel truly blessed, and for someone who had originally hoped to be on the Twin Cities campus- I can’t be more grateful that I ended up the amazing positive, supportive, friendly culture that I did.

Class of 2013-Duluth!

Class of 2013-Duluth!

As always! BK

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  1. Katie

     /  March 7, 2013

    Love it BK – this is a great list!

  2. Nichole Brower

     /  May 8, 2013

    I am a COPD pt. and was chating on a FB page for people with Lung Disease about frustration of tripping over extended length O2 tubing. I said we could call it the COPD Shake (as a joke). Just for kicks I decided to search to see if one exsisted. I came across your video. I realize your “COPD” has to do with pharmacy education, but to have ACTUALLY found a Harlem Shake COPD version was hilarious!! I shared the link on our page. This can be a very lonely disease. I hope it brightened other folks day like it did mine!!! Thank you 🙂


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