The Best De-stressing Method

Despite the fact that we’re having a quite busy week before spring break, we’re still able to find some time to exercise! I don’t work for the recreational center but I just wanted to let you know that they have some awesome fitness classes such yoga, spin, zumba, kickboxing, belly dancing, etc. My personal favorite is SPIN! I always try to squeeze in some time for spin no matter how busy I am. Exercise just makes me feel refreshed and I get super energized after each workout session… which is good for studying! 😀


So we all decided to get a Fit-Pass to get in shape! You can purchase a Fit-Pass for $55, which allows you to attend as many fitness classes as you want, or you can pay $5 for each class!


*** Here’s an announcement for an upcoming event!

MPSO (Multicultural Pharmacy Student Organization) is hosting an event called “Phestival of Nations” on Thursday, April 11 in the Mayo auditorium from 12-8pm. There will be food, entertainment, and of course, information about pharmacy practice in far-away lands! This event is not limited to current pharmacy students. Anyone who is interested in pharmacy is invited 🙂


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