What classes am I taking!?!?! Part 2

Hope everyone is enjoying spring break! Can you believe there is only a month and a half of school left? We’re almost done with our first year and soon will move on to second year 😮

As promised, here’s the second part of “What classes am I taking!?!?!”.

PHAR 6112 – Pharmaceutical Care Pract II

A continuation of pharm care I – the second semester of pharm care involves a lot of case-studying, where we are required to develop a care plan using soap notes. There have been a couple times where a patient came to our class and us students had the opportunity to ask the patient questions as a group, and come up with the most appropriate care plan for the patients’ condition. I find this class very useful since a lot of pharmaceutical practices are using the soap-note system. Trust me, by the end of this class, you will be a pro at care plans 🙂

PHAR 6152 – Biochem Medicinals II

No more memorizing amino acid structures this time (yay). This semester we get to learn pathways including glycolysis, TCA cycle, metabolism, cholesterol formation, etc etc etc… Well, besides learning about pathways, we learn how defects in biochemical pathways can lead to diseases such as hyperlipidemia, type I and II diabetes, Tay-Sachs diseases, etc. It makes me feel “smart” when I can tell my family and friends what causes the diseases 😛

PHAR 6158 – Recombinant DNA-Derived Drugs 

This class is actually combined with Immunology. I didn’t have to take the Immunology portion since I’ve already taken an undergraduate Immunology course… so I can’t really tell you how the class is. I’ll be starting the second portion of the course  (Recombinant DNA-Derived Drugs) this coming Monday. As the title suggests, I’m assuming we’ll be learning a lot of drugs! 🙂  I heard that it’s an interesting class so I can’t wait to start!

PHAR 6162 – Drug Delivery II

This semester we get to learn about different dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, suspensions, inhalers, ointments, etc. It’s pretty interesting so far – you get to learn how electrical charges can affect the formation of “hard cake”. Don’t know what a “hard cake” is? Just wait till you take this course 🙂

PHAR 6165 – Pharmaceutical Calculations 

This is perhaps one of the most practical courses in this semester. Pharmacists must know how to calculate the appropriate amount of drugs needed in a formulation. It is especially important when making IV drugs since we have to make sure that the drug is within the effective and safe range for the patients. This class is online-based, but we do have to take the exams in person.

PHAR 6172 – Pharmaceutical Care Skills II

LAB! Still my favorite class this semester! We get to learn how to make suppositories and more IV drugs. We also get to learn how to measure blood glucose and inject insulin. As for the patient assessment portion, we get to assess a patient’s condition and develop a care plan based on the information provided. Fun stuff! 

PHAR 6177 – Patient Assessment 

Very interesting class! Before pharmacy school, I’ve always thought that doctors are the ones who perform physical assessment (apparently I watch too much TV, HAHA!). It turns out that pharmacists can perform patient assessment as well. We’re going to perform assessments on our CT (community teacher) in our upcoming visit. Can’t wait for that!

PHAR 6248 – Drugs of Abuse

This is an elective course that is offered once in every three year. It’s so popular there was a wait-list to get into this class! Since it’s an elective, you will be taking this course with second and third-year students. You get to learn about the pharmacology of different street drugs and how they are synthesized. Incredibly interesting course!


This semester we continue to meet with our CTs to follow up on their medications and health conditions. I really enjoy CT visits because I feel like I’m developing a deeper empathetic relationship with her. Besides CT visits, we have other assignments that are aimed to help us develop important professional abilities.

Picture of the week: 

pharm care
A bunch of studious first-year students in pharm care class 🙂

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