Our first mission trip with REACHH in Chabin, Haiti!

This spring break, we got a chance to visit the rural town of Chabin, Haiti, and serve the local people with our team of pharmacy students, nurses, pharmacists, and physician.

This was our first mission trip journey with REACHH and what we saw along the way.  It was 9 days of everlasting memories!  We were excited to continue in REACHH’s mission to provide sustainable health care in Haiti by educating the community, improving hygiene, providing immunizations, and working towards building a permanent clinic in Chabin, Haiti.

For Day 1, we saw 56 patients, administered 5 vaccines, 5 IM antibiotic injections, 1 blood glucose test, 56 Hb & malaria tests, and filled 154 prescriptions!  Then the next day, we worked from 8:30AM – 6:15PM and I had no lunch but loved every single minute of it!!!  We still had to turn away 20 patients so they will have to come back the next day 😦 Official statistics of Day 2: 107 patients seen, 2 blood glucose tests, 2 major wound cleanings, 3 IM antibiotic injections, 3 positive cases of malaria, and 351 prescriptions filled!

It was quite an eventful day on our third day of clinic.  We came a little later than yesterday due to a quick stop at the local pharmacy to pick up 2 medications. When we arrived, we had around 100 patients lined up at the door waiting for us! We did best we could to try and get as many patients in as possible but we still had to turn away 50 patients and asked them to come back on our final day of clinic 😦 Official statistics for Day 3: 112 patients seen, 1 BG test, 2 vaccines, 3 wounds treatments, 3 IM antibiotic injections, 2 positive cases of malaria, and 355 prescriptions filled!

On the last day of clinic (Day 4), we saw 108 patients, administered 1 vaccine, 8 IM antibiotic injections, 1 BG test, and filled 373 prescriptions!  Thank goodness we did not have to turn away any patients and were able to helped everyone that came that day!

Total for the entire four days of clinic: 383 patients seen, 8 vaccines, 19 IM antibiotic injections, 5 BG tests, 5 wound treatments, and 1233 prescriptions filled!

Being born and lived in a 3rd world country for 8 years, I thought I have seen it all but I was so wrong.  This trip has reminded me of the abundant blessings I’ve received each day and that I should always be appreciative and thankful.  It also helped me to reflect on what my life would have been like if our family did not come to the US.  Inspired by Father Rick Frechette, who has devoted so much of his life to helping others in Haiti, I wish we can do more. Everything is needed in Haiti. Clothes, drinking water, cots for sleeping, food, medicine, seeds for replanting, cement for rebuilding, shovels for digging through the mud. Everything is needed, but the day is young…and when you still have your life you have everything. This is an end to one journey but hopefully it’s the beginning to many more!

Much love,

Phat & Kim

***All the credits for photos were from our REACHH group members particularly Aaron, Camille, Vanessa, and Stacy.  A few were from my camera and iPhone as well 🙂  Enjoy!  I’ve also kept a journal of my daily experience while in Haiti so check back soon for more pictures and our reflections.

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