Is that the sun?

When the sun finally comes out it is time to skip class for an adventure to the zoo and  the children’s museum! Another amazing part of having our classes recorded is I don’t have to miss out on any lectures when my son is sick, his daycare is cancelled,or we simply need a family day every now and then! 2013-04-20 14.00.342013-04-20 13.22.31

Captain Kaiden mapping out our journey!

2013-04-20 13.30.112013-04-20 13.44.31

2013-04-20 13.45.222013-04-20 13.47.10

Dad, I’m on MTV!

Photo Mar 07, 6 52 05 PMPhoto Mar 07, 7 37 31 PM


Puebla Service Trip Fundraiser at Noodles & Company

This summer, I’ll be travelling with my fellow pharmacy classmates to Puebla, Mexico through MPSA to provide free health screenings in underserved areas. Please help support our trip by joining us at Noodles & Company (on Washington Ave) THIS WEDNESDAY, April 24th, between 4pm-9pm. 25% of the proceeds go to our cause if you SAY YOU’RE THERE FOR MPSA OR PUEBLA, or hand them one of the flyers we will be passing out this week. All you have to do is show up and eat some yummy food… dine in or take out! I can’t think of an easier way to help a good cause, can you? We hope to see you all there!! Please spread the word, come eat a lot and bring your friends 😀



IPPE Rotation Site

Last week was a pretty hectic week for us first year students. We had two exams, two quizzes, a focused lab assessment and a bunch of other assignments due, but I’m glad to say that we all survived 🙂

I received my IPPE rotate site for the summer (yes, first-year students do get to do rotations!). Mine is going to be block 4, at Cub Pharmacy. Although I’m already working at a community pharmacy, I’m still very excited to spend three weeks there. It’s nice to see how different community pharmacy operates. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the rotation site, so I’m actually quite pumped for that!

Pictures of the week:

Snowstorm in April? Only in Minnesota 🙂

Right outside of Weaver-Densford Hall.
Cram time. 

Second year: Electives, opportunities, and snow days!

This last week was crazy with the weather, exams and lots of due dates! As we start to see the finish line I reflect on this past year and realize how much I enjoyed 2nd year! This semester in particular has been quite amazing. Many of the classes have been quite eye-opening and very interesting. This semester for my electives I took Pharmacogenomics as well as the Honors Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology Seminar, both of which I highly recommend. The seminar courses offered at the COP are incredibly interesting with each class you get to learn about different research going on within the college that you otherwise might have not had any idea about! It’s a great opportunity to learn about the research process as well as to interact with professors and researchers. It still amazes me that we get to have discussions about amazing research with the very people are conducting this research. I have been profoundly impressed with the high level of research that is done all throughout the college.

Also congrats to third years (especially Tranpharmers!) who got their white coats! As well as to the numerous 4th years who matched! We had a 79% match rate,much  higher than the national average!

This was Friday on campus… ridiculous!

Photo Apr 18, 2 08 03 PM          Photo Apr 19, 11 21 59 AM

PD3 White Coat Transition Ceremony

Hello Everyone!!

Yet again, another BIG milestone in our lives today……receiving our new white coat to mark the beginning of our year of rotations to come!!! This ceremony is our last big get together as an entire class, before everyone goes off on their own ways for rotations. It’s kind of bitter sweet looking back at our 3 years in class together, how much we have all grown together and bonded. It will be hard to imagine not seeing these 100+ people everyday next year, but then again, it’s about time we go out into the real world to actually practice pharmacy!!! We are all very excited about what is to come, and of course, cannot WAIT until May 10, 2014, when we get to walk across that stage and become practicing professionals!!!

A BIG thank you to the OSS staff, faculty/preceptors of the college, and of course our PD3 class reps for organizing this great event!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

-Phat & Kim

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Relay for Life 2013

Phi Delta Chi and Kappa Psi teaming up for Relay for life! Our team name was “Pharming for a Cure”. Despite the cold weather, we had a lot of fun camping out at the TCF stadium. Here are some of the pictures:

Relay For Life 2Burrrrrrrrrr!!!Relay For LifeThe whole crew!

Pro/Con of going to pharmacy school in Minnesota

Hello Blog Readers!!

Still deciding on whether to come to the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy? Well, let me provide you with a few reasons to consider, and hopefully these will help you make up your mind 🙂

Looks like Christmas again!!

Looks like Christmas again!!


Winter is back!!!! Yes, I know, spring officially started March 20th according to the calendar…but not in good ole Minnesota, where the weather is always so unpredictable, which makes for a great adventure everyday!

The roads are slippery and traffic is NOT moving.



Snow day!!! Not an official University snow day…..but a Tran sibling snow day.

Yup, car is taking a break today.

Yup, car is taking a break today.

Thanks to our great interactive TV (ITV) system, we have no fear of missing lectures!! We can enjoy watching our professors teach from the comforts of our home, at double the speed 🙂

There you have it, just a few reasons for your consideration. Hope to see you again soon! Now back to watching lectures.

-Phat & Kim

What We Do in Lab

LabLast week, we had the opportunity to learn how to use canes, walkers, and crutches. We each practiced walking up and down the stairs and it was definitely more challenging than I thought! We also learned about different kinds of insulins and the best part of the lab was that we got to inject ourselves with normal saline. I was terrified when I found out that we had to inject ourselves, but it actually didn’t hurt that much 🙂

Spring is here! (well almost)

It has been a very busy past few weeks and with the sun peering through the skies everyone is getting spring fever! While many students enjoyed spring break trips and some relaxation I pulled a 56 hour week at the hospital over the break.   This past weekend we also had an MPSA health fair at a local church where we got to educate and offer various free health screenings for our local community.

photo (10)


This was only a few days ago (Minnesota spring break!)

In other news we got our IPPE rotation sites for this summer! I am excited to say I will be spending my first few weeks of summer at United hospital in St. Paul the same hospital we are delivering the baby at only a few weeks later (guess if she decides to come early I’ll be there right?).  We have a couple more health fairs coming up and various events around campus so I will post some more pictures soon!

2013 Melendy Lecture

Hello Blog Followers!

As a yearly tradition, our CoP is proud to present yet another lectureship from an experienced practicing professional that emphasizes the scientific, ethical and professional aspects of pharmacy. For this year, we have the honor of having Professor Brian Isetts, Ph.D., B.C.P.S. as our 2013 Melendy Lecturer. He is a health policy fellow at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. The topic this year is “Progress Toward Goals: Building a Medication Use System Our Country Deserves”.

We have a special connection with Dr.Isetts. He was actually one of our PD1 year Pharmaceutical Care professor! It was great seeing and talking with him again about all of the new experiences he has had and about the progression of pharmacy in general. Like last year, we were able to attend a pre-dinner with him the night before the lecture to just sit back and relax while getting to know our lecturer before the rest of our other classmates. Not only were we able to have dinner with Dr.Isetts and his wife, Dean Speedy as well as various other college faculties also joined us. What a great night to have right after coming back from spring break!

Enjoy some pictures from the dinner as well as pictures from the lecture. See you all soon!

-Phat & Kim

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