2013 Melendy Lecture

Hello Blog Followers!

As a yearly tradition, our CoP is proud to present yet another lectureship from an experienced practicing professional that emphasizes the scientific, ethical and professional aspects of pharmacy. For this year, we have the honor of having Professor Brian Isetts, Ph.D., B.C.P.S. as our 2013 Melendy Lecturer. He is a health policy fellow at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. The topic this year is “Progress Toward Goals: Building a Medication Use System Our Country Deserves”.

We have a special connection with Dr.Isetts. He was actually one of our PD1 year Pharmaceutical Care professor! It was great seeing and talking with him again about all of the new experiences he has had and about the progression of pharmacy in general. Like last year, we were able to attend a pre-dinner with him the night before the lecture to just sit back and relax while getting to know our lecturer before the rest of our other classmates. Not only were we able to have dinner with Dr.Isetts and his wife, Dean Speedy as well as various other college faculties also joined us. What a great night to have right after coming back from spring break!

Enjoy some pictures from the dinner as well as pictures from the lecture. See you all soon!

-Phat & Kim

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