State Fair Fun

On Saturday, a couple of my classmates and I went to the Minnesota State Fair in Minneapolis. The drive from Duluth is about two and a half hours, and it went by quickly as we listened to Taylor Swift on the radio and anticipated on what fried pickles would taste like !

What do I want? Dilemma...

When we arrived, we parked our cars about 30 minutes away from the state fair and took the shuttle bus operated by the state. It was a convenient service as it reduced the traffic and time spent on looking for a parking spot.

Sunny day

Sunny day

First thing I noticed was an array of food vendors with different colors, fonts, signs. A crowd of people were eating, walking, and enjoying the sun. We bought tickets to go on a ride and play arcade games.  My friend Daniel could not stop screaming on a rollercoster that was designed for kids around age 10-12. This was definitely not the Daniel I saw in class, initiating class discussions and helping me understand Library Resources. 🙂 We could throw darts, balls, and rings. My friend Wilson wanted to win a Minion as a prize. Through his fervent throwing of the rings, I found out that he really likes the Despicable Me.

Fried pickles with chocolate :)

Fried pickles with chocolate 🙂

Fried pickles had an interesting texture to them. The outer coat is crunchy, and the inner part, a regular pickle, is juicy. With the addition of chocolate, it is sour and sweet. Next time, I want to try them with the Ranch sauce!

Alpaca. My new favorite animal.

Alpaca, my new favorite animal.


Bacon ice cream. Yum. We shared root bear ice cream, battered potatoes, a turkey leg, fried fruits and olives, and lots of cookies. They were all very delicious. At the end of the day, we were full of the vitamin D from the sun as well.

Wilson, Jay, SyHui, Daniel, me, James, and Peter

Wilson, Jay, SyHui, Daniel, me, James, and Peter

Coming from Chicago, I always wondered what Minnesota would be like in terms of food and demographics. I would come again next year to re-experience the scene.  All in all, I am rejuvenated enough to delve into the classes starting on September 9th!

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