Just figured out how to post, so this is from July 29th….whoops!

Today marked the first day of my Community APPE rotation at Essentia Health 3rd Street Pharmacy in Duluth, MN.  Although technically my fourth year of pharmacy school started right after my third year ended, it sure feels like I was on summer vacation and now I am going back to school again….let me explain 🙂

It feels like I am “going back to school” again, because my first rotation was in Germany.  Yup….Germany!  (And no, I don’t speak fluent German, although that would be sweet!)  Nine other students and I spent 5 weeks learning about the German healthcare system, comparing and contrasting to the American system, with a specific emphasis on pharmacy.  There were so many unique experiences during this rotation that fascinated me and helped me to better understand the American Healthcare System through comparison.

I was in Europe for a total of two months and in addition to the amazing rotation, I visited 8 countries and saw and did so many amazing and fun things!  I have a hard time believing that I was there for one of my rotations because it was such a blast!

One of the coolest things about the trip was the camaraderie with my fellow classmates.  There were 4 students from the Duluth campus and 6 students from the Twin Cities campus.  The Duluth students didn’t really know the Twin Cities students before the trip, and vice versa.  However, it didn’t take long before we became a tight-knit group of friends 🙂

Below is a picture of our group in front of our “home away from home,” The Restaurant and Hotel Burgerstube.

German APPE, Class of 2014
German APPE, Class of 2014

My first day of my rotation went great!  I am excited to learn from my preceptor, who is the pharmacy manager, consults for hospice care, and has a wealth of compounding experience under her belt.  I also am excited that my preceptor set up an opportunity for me prepare and give a presentation on pharmaceutical topics of interest to a group of Dental Hygienists, and to attend a weekly journal club discussing pharmaceutical literature with a group of pharmacist and pharmacy students.  We also talked about setting up an opportunity for me to shadow a few Pharmacy Residents, so I can get a better idea if a residency after pharmacy school will be right for me.

I guess I failed to introduce myself, so I’ll keep it short: I am a Minnesota-born, Wisconsin-raised, Packer-Backer, Minnesota Twins fan 🙂

Until next time…
– Heather

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