Back to Classes…not for me!

Today, the day after Labor Day, is the infamous “back-to-school” day for many.

For ME, it is the first of such days in about 20 YEARS that I will NOT be spending in a classroom, reading through syllabi and getting nervous about the requirements needed to pass each class.  WOOOHOOO!!!!


Today I start a new rotation, an elective rotation in the Emergency Room at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, MN.  What do Emergency Room Pharmacists do?  Well I am about to find out!!


I became interested in this area of pharmacy last year, while doing my Institutional IPPE at Mercy Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy.  I spent half a day with Kim, an ER Pharmacist, and saw how all sorts of patients are treated upon arrival in the ER, including two heart attack patients, a stroke victim, and a dislocated shoulder.  Kim’s ability to anticipate and provide medications to these patients in an emergency situation inspired me to want to learn more.  I am happy to say she will be my preceptor for the next five weeks!


Stay tuned for updates on Pharmacy in the Emergency Room!

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