To Join, or Not to Join..That is the Question!

In the past two weeks, we had the pleasure to get to know about the different organizations in the College of Pharmacy, coupled with lots of free lunches (thank you upperclassmen who coordinate them for us :D). Here are the list of organizations I would like to join:

1. Kappa Psi: Kappa Psi is a pharmaceutical fraternity that is the oldest and largest in the nation. I like its emphasis on the fellowship, sobriety, and leadership. Leadership is an area I want to improve on, and I get to do it with Big Brothers!

2. Hope Clinic: Hope Clinic is a student-run organization that provides care for the homeless population in Duluth Downtown. During the orientation this Saturday, we pharmacy students learned to take blood pressure using a stethoscope, met medical students who share the same goal of getting an early exposure to patient interaction and interprofessional care. We also had a chance to sit down at lunch and talk to the patients who visit the center, which was wonderful because we got to know them and hear their stories.

3. MPSA: MPSA is an “umbrella” organization that encompasses a wide range of national organizations that provide leadership and networking opportunities. Last Thursday, a group of upperclassmen representatives came and gave us a “mini” talk on each organization, speed-dating style. 😀 Here are some of them:

-NCPA (National Community Pharmacists Association) : Independent and community pharmacy organization to learn about business plan and opportunities to provide cheaper medication to underserved population.

-ASCP (American Society of Consultant Pharmacists) : After our field trip to the senior center at Hibbing, I came to appreciate the fact that the elders have close relationships with their pharmacists. I would like to explore more about working in the nursing home and hospice care.

-IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Student Federation) : This is an international organization where we have opportunities to travel to places like Switzerland and Netherlands to attend classes and learn about the worldwide health care system. We could shadow pharmacists in the region to see how different their daily life is from the pharmacists in the US. This is a good opportunity to become a well-rounded pharmacist who are knowledgable of different options and perspectives in the health care system.

4. MPSO: Multicultural organization because I want to get to know my classmates from different backgrounds.

My choices have no common theme and are kind of all over the places. BUT that’s the perk of being a PD1: we have unlimited options and we are free to explore many different areas of becoming the pharmacist.  As I progress into the year, I hope to familiarize myself with more meetings, conferences, and community experiences, and come to something that I genuinely like and feel connected to. But for now, I am SO excited for all the possibilities that is the life of a to-be-pharmacist.!

Flannel Fridays plus the huge ITV behind us ;D

PD1 Duluth on Flannel Friday

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  1. Michelle Anderson

     /  September 18, 2013

    Nice choices, Hannah! I made almost the same ones my PD1 year on the Twin Cities campus. I’m so glad I did. Getting involved with these organizations has made pharmacy school much more real, interesting, fun, and rewarding! Best wishes on your first year.


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