A Lil Flash Back

I apologize for the delay! I have to say school and work definitely have been keeping me extra busy. But let’s be positive and instead of talking how busy + how much work second year is, I’m going to talk about my IPPE rotation that I did over the summer.

After the end of first year, we are required to complete a three-week summer rotation at a community pharmacy. My rotation site was at Cub Pharmacy (block 4) and to be honest, I wasn’t too thrilled about the rotation initially. I thought my rotation was going to be an awfully boring experience since I have previously worked at a retail pharmacy. I was dreading about it all summer until I met my preceptor and started working at my rotation site…… OH BOY! That was the BEST retail experience I have ever had in my life! 😀

Instead of filling prescriptions all day long, my preceptor actually spent time going over all the over-the-counter medications with me. He explained what each one was indicated for and what to recommend to patients. This was extremely helpful because I have had numerous customers coming in and asking for recommendations. I was able to give them recommendations based on what I learned from my preceptor. Besides learning about over-the-counter medications, I also had the opportunity to compound, give vaccinations, calling doctors to verify doses, counseling…. the list goes on! I’m so glad to have a preceptor who is so patient and willing to educate me! Other pharmacists and technicians were also very friendly and helpful when I didn’t understand something!

So here’s my wonderful IPPE rotation experience, I can’t wait till next summer when I start my IPPE at a hospital pharmacy 🙂

Picture of the week:

pdxSecond-year PDXers welcome all first-year students 🙂

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