I can’t believe I am one month into P2 year!

I feel like it was just last week I was moving back to Duluth from my summer internship and getting ready to start another school year. This semester is flying by! A lot has happened this past month, so I will try to fill you in. To start the school year off right my class in Duluth had a back to school bonfire on the beach of Lake Superior. It was so much fun getting to see all of my classmates again and hear how everyone spent their summer. After that amazing night the school year started and hasn’t slowed down!

The second week of school I was able to participate in a Flu Shot Clinic held by Thrifty White Pharmacy in Cloquet, MN. Up until this point I had not given any vaccinations since practicing in lab last spring. I was a little nervous, but this was the perfect opportunity to get some practice giving vaccinations and providing patient care! We were able to provide 200 flu shots that day!

To make the second week of school even more great, we had our annual UMD PharmD Wine and Cheese party. We had ourselves one classy evening with wine and fancy cheeses! I love finding reasons to have fun with my fellow classmates! This was a great opportunity for us to spend some time with the new first year students. The first year students this year spend most of their time on the opposite end of campus in the new room in the library. When the first years are not using the new classroom we are. It seems the only way to see the first years is outside of class at social gatherings like this!

The next week I attended my first major professional meeting outside of the Duluth Arrowhead MSHP meetings. I attended the MSHP mid year meeting in Brooklyn Center. Throughout the day I attended 6 class sessions on different aspects of hospital pharmacy. I was able to find out a lot of information about planning for a pharmacy residency I didn’t know I needed. I’m very glad I was able to attend.

The next week we celebrated Duluth Day! It was great to see so many Twin Cities students made it up to Duluth for this event! My favorite part of the night was the photo booth. Needless to say I photo-bombed many of my classmates photos! It was another fun event for everyone at the COP to get together for a great evening!

After Duluth Day I was able to attend the leadership retreat at Ruttgers Resort in Deerwood, MN. It was a great weekend where students from both the Duluth and Twin Cities campus could work on developing leadership skills. We had an exceptionally fun night around the bonfire Saturday night! One of my classmates even had the luxury of trying her first ever s’more!

The next week was full of exams. I believe we were tested/quizzed in every subject last week. It was an exhausting week, but I’m excited about the material we are learning. I knew it was going to be a tough year, I just didn’t realize how much I would do each week and how fast the time would go. We are already into the seventh week of school! The weeks seem to just fly by! At the end of last week I was able to celebrate not only the end of an insane week, but the induction of some new brothers at the Kappa Psi informal initiation night! My fraternity Kappa Psi held the first night of initiation with a celebration we like to call informal! It was the perfect way to end the week-celebrating with my Brothers!!

I’m looking forward to taking a little break next week over fall break. Unfortunately I won’t be able to take the entire weekend off, we have a pharmacology exam the following Monday. Still it will be nice to have a slight break in the crazy schedule that is second year!

I hope I didn’t bore any of you with how much has happened this past month. It has been a crazy start of the semester and I know it will only get even more crazy!

Until Next Time,


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