PharmD IV Paper + expert procrastination skills = early mornings and late nights

Current time: 5:30 AM.

I’ve been up for over an hour.

I’m trying to put the finishing touches on my PharmD IV paper.

The initial draft was due about a week ago, but I luckily got an extension so I could polish it up a bit before sending it to my content advisor for the first review.


What is the PharmD IV Paper, you ask?! It is a research paper you complete between your third and fourth years which demonstrates a lot of the skills you have learned in pharmacy school, including the ability to locate and evaluate literature, and present it in a clinically useful way.  The topic is totally up to you, and you can either design a research study, or do a literature review.


Just so you know how good my procrastination skills have become over my 20+ years of education, I’ll share one of my favorite poems:



In other news, tonight is MPhA Pharmacy Night in Duluth!  I don’t get to see my classmates as often anymore since we aren’t in class everyday, so I am excited to see everyone!


Alrighty, back to work…



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