Gooseberry “Fall” Break

Just about time! Thanks to the previous pharmacy students who saw the need, we have an organized fall break on the third week of October. It is a great chance to steer ourselves away from the academics and relax, take a breathe, and recharge. Over this fall break, a couple of my friends and I decided to utilize our time and explore a bit of wilderness together. After all, Duluth is famous for its hiking trails and the stretches of beautiful fall leaves in the mountains. After contemplating our destination, we decided to go to Gooseberry Falls in hopes of seeing the waterfalls, camping outside and telling each other ghost stories, and roasting marshmallows. After what seemed like a dream, I am now back reflecting on the photos we took on our short and sweet trip.



One thing I noticed about the area was that it was full of mysteriously intertwined trees like this one…it was a beautiful thing to see.


Roasting marshmallows and making s’mores naturally. YUM.

photo 1-1

Another thing grilled by the fire that took my breath away. It was perfectly healthy and savory and warm enough on the cold rainy day. The best part was the company I was with to share the memories with.





Setting up the tent. Easier watched than done!

Special Thanks to Wilson with his handsome professional camera, Maria who provided rain jackets and camping equipments, and Mark, the camping expert, who tagged along with us first-time campers! It wouldn’t have been possible without them.



Now I am ready to dive into the compounding lab tomorrow!

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