What is third year like?

Busy. Exciting. Nerve-racking.

One aspect of third year I have enjoyed is the content we are covering in our coursework. This semester we have spent time thus far on cancer, neurology, respiratory disorders, and infectious diseases.

Outside of coursework 3rd year is about getting ready for our 4th year rotations. We are in the midst of putting our preferences in for our APPE’s (Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences). It is very exciting/stressful trying to decide what rotations hold the highest value to you. I think it is a great opportunity to see parts of pharmacy I may never get to see again and to decide if I can see myself in that setting one day. Coming from the inpatient hospital perspective I am excited to see other institutions and how practice may differ there; but I am also excited to explore ambulatory care and see how my personality fits. Here is the bottom line about APPE’s:

  • Nine 5-week blocks (except block 6 and 7 are scheduled over 6 weeks; one week off/for interviews etc.)
  • One block off you get to pick
  • 2 required acute care blocks, 1 required ambulatory care block, 1 required community block, 1 required patient care block, 3 electives
  • At least one block must be in a rural Minnesota location
  • Plenty of reviews available to help with selection process

Third year also involves getting your Pharm D. IV paper/project figured out; but that is a whole blog in itself.

Happy Holidays!

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