Happy Year 2070!

Hello readers,

Happy New Year! What?! Yes, that’s right. This past Monday was the New Year for many (but not all) Hindus. We follow several different calendars so there are multiple Hindu New Years. People from the state of Gujarat who follow the Vikram Samvant calendar ushered in the year 2070 on Monday.

As usual, I went home for the festivities that last five days and includes Diwali, in case any of you have ever seen the episode of the Office or heard President Obama wishing Hindus a happy Diwali. (check out this wikipedia article for more info:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diwali) The most enjoyable part of the festival is the food mountains! Yes, mountains of delicious, delectable sweet and savory foods. The New Year marks the end of the harvest, and traditionally the new grains were used to make dishes that are then offered in the temples before being shared amongst the community. This weekend, we had two food mountains, at my house and at my cousins house on Saturday and Monday.


Looks delicious right? Too bad I can’t eat it all and hibernate for the winter! Now that our busy time of year is over, I find myself playing catch up in school. (However, I must say our professors are quite considerate and flexible with allowing me to make things up when I missed classes on Monday). People have mentioned that we only have about 6 weeks of school left which sounds crazy. I can’t believe I’m this far into the semester, but we still have so much left to get through- exams, papers, lab practicals, finals, and registering for spring semester classes!

I’m rather excited to take some electives; the two I have my eye on are the diabetes elective and an online obesity course. I spent about an hour looking through the electives last night instead of studying for Friday’s pharmacology exam.. which I should probably get back to!  So until next time, take care, and stay warm!

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