Laser Tag Fun!!

This past week as a fun midweek stress relief activity Kappa Psi decided to go to Adventure Zone together! Now if you’ve driven by Adventure Zone in Canal Park and thought the place looks like a cheesy place just for kids you are mistaken! I discovered Adventure Zone last year with my fellow first year classmates. It is a blast! With coupons handed out at school it is cheaper than going to a movie and 100 times more fun! Unlimited laser tag, unlimited mini golf, batting cages, arcade games, rock climbing, you name it Adventure Zone has it!

The second year Kappa Psi-ers took on the first years for laser tag and as it should be the second years won!! I got to watch brothers try the batting cages for the first time, which is always enjoyable! And as an added bonus we got prizes at the end of the night!!


Here are some pictures of all of the brother bonding!!

photo 1-1 photo 2-1 photo 3-1

Yeah that’s right we got pirate tattoos and fangs as prizes! We were pretty excited! You gotta be excited about the little things in life right?!!


After all that fun I have to get back to studying for tomorrow’s therapy exam. Wish me luck!!


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