Pretty much the best two words ever! I hate snow.. a lot! But when it gets me a snow day on what was scheduled to be quite possibly the worst day of the semester, I really can’t complain. No pharmacology quiz, no therapy TBL quizzes, no Kinetics exam!!! My roommate and I literally jumped up and down screaming with joy! I think I’m more excited about snow days now than I was as a kid. And to celebrate? I studied, and studied some more, and then a little bit more!

I’ve also been looking out the window into our parking lot where cars are buried under the snow. I’m definitely not looking forward to digging my car out tomorrow but I’ll take the hassle of digging out in exchange for more study time! Or… I can hope for a second snow day and no med agents exam?! I know.. I’m asking for a wee bit too much, but a boy can dream right?! 

In the meantime, hot chocolate, warm blankets, and STUDYING! It makes me even more excited for winter break when it’ll just be the hot chocolate and warm blankets. Only 15 more days to go! Cannot wait..

Hope you all are being productive on this blizzardy day! Stay warm and be safe! And keep your fingers crossed for a second snow day!


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