Crunch Time!

Where have I been these days? Well, I’ve been……busy…. you know… the typical second-year response. Anyway, thanksgiving was a much needed break and I finally had some time to hang out with my non-pharmacy school friends. Food was yummy of course. Had to hop on the treadmill the next day since I probably gained like 10lbs. The best thing that ever happened to me this semester was the unexpected “snow day”. Oh snow… it’s a love and hate relationship. The Duluth campus was closed and due to our one college policy, the Twin Cities campus was closed as well. We originally had an exam and a quiz scheduled that day, but they were postponed due to the snow day. Otherwise, last week would have been the worst week of this semester! Time is money! Having an extra day off means we get to have an extra day to study!

One more week of classes then it’s finals! Almost done with the busiest semester of pharmacy school. Hang in there my fellow PD2 classmates! And good luck on finals ya’ll.



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