Second Semester Begins Tomorrow

Hello everyone,

I am sitting here and writing a blog post back in my dorm in duluth. The winter break seemed long enough, but not long enough. It went by pretty fast, but I am glad that I am back recharged and ready to start classes. The past two weeks were filled with a lot of family time, trip to Arizona, movies and books (for classes too) and some pharmacy related things, like checking emails and reading articles on updated drug informations. Looking back on the last semester, I am glad that I was able to make new friends, participate in meetings and organizations like Kappa Psi and MPSO, and make a sense of what pharmacy school is like. I am developing myself personally as well as professionally. Tomorrow, we start transitioning into second semester classes with a class called “Professional Development and Assessment.” It is a 3-day-long class designed to help us with, well, developing professionally. We had an assignment called “APhA Career Pathways Program,” which is a series of questions designed to find out about one’s interests, goals, and other factors that led one to the profession of pharmacy. It is designed to help me understand which areas of pharmacy (ex. academia, community, consulting, industry, institution..) suits me the best. Completing the online APhA Career Pathway self-assessment revealed that I am suited for the following careers in the field of pharmacy:

1. Long Term Care / Geriatric

2. Pharma – Medical Liaison

3. Pharmacy Law/ Reg Affairs/ Public Policy

4. Pharmacy Benefit Management

5. Office Based Med Management

I think it is because I preferred to travel a lot with the exception of Long Term Care, which I think may be due to my preference in interacting with patients and building a long-term relationship (I kind of contradicted myself there,). But with professions like Medical Liaison, which is educating drug information to other health professionals, they enable me to have opportunities to travel as well as build a solid, foundational relationships with other health professionals. Pharmacy Benefit Management is a job “responsible for developing and maintaining the formulary, contracting with pharmacies, negotiating discounts and rebates with drug manufacturers, and processing and paying prescription drug claims.” They help with controlling prescription drug costs by offering less expensive management alternatives such as medication therapy management, mail order services, and other clinical programs. It is a unique practice environment where they require a fair amount of working with teams, thinking innovatively, and writing. As for the Pharmacy Law, there is a lot of problem-solving and being the advocate for fixing unfit or unjust treatments/laws for the patients, which is something I would be interested in doing. The self-assessment can be found on the website :

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