4th Annual CoP Talent Show

I had the pleasure of attending the 4th Annual CoP Talent Show today at the Weber Music Hall today. It is organized and performed by our professors and students at Duluth campus. Starting off with the Traveling “Pill”burys, there were a variety of performances that were laugh-inducing, thought-provoking, and all-around enjoyable. For instance, I was really inspired by Meena and Ajay’s Tarangam, a traditional South Indian classical dance. The dress was gorgeous and it went so well with the way she moved her hands, seamlessly and flawlessly.


Meena and Ajay performing Tarangam

I also was quiet amazed by the “Pharmacy Love Song” featuring lyrics like “Keep you close like my Epi-Pen,” “You are my prescription for Love, directed to take everyday” that ironically but so accurately captured the medication information and love together..in a perfectly comical, educational (and sweet) manner. In addition, Mario & Luigi : The Rescue of Princess Peach was so much fun and enjoyable. All in all, I was so impressed by how the whole talent show was prepared and executed. There were poems, violin and piano performance, singing, acapella, xylophone, and many many more. I realized that pharmacy school is not just about studying and focusing on science, but is also about discovering and supporting the artistic talents of peers’. It gave me the opportunity to discover a new world within pharmacy.

Pharmacy Love Song written and sung by Taylor Hill (warning: it is tilted mid-way)

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