3 day week?!

2 cold days?! Why I don’t mind if I do! The semester has only just started and classes have been cancelled twice because of extreme cold! While I would much rather have sunny skies and warm weather, I won’t say no to a couple of relaxing days!

It has actually been a very weird couple of days. After last semester, I’m used to constantly having something to do. And while I’m not fully in the swing of school yet, I’ve still been feeling like I should be more productive. Of course there are plenty of things I could be doing to get ahead and on top of things, but I think for now, I’m just going to enjoy lounging. I’m going to call it practice for Orlando.

The colder it gets outside, the more I’m looking forward to going to Orlando for APhA annual conference! Although I’m sure it’s going to be a busy weekend of meetings and networking, I’ll definitely be making some time for fun in the sun and I cannot wait. But until then, I’ll have to brace myself for the potential of more -60 degree temperatures. (PS. How does one measure -60?! Doesn’t the thermometer just read “-17, -18, -19, -20, DON’T LEAVE YOUR HOME!” ?)

Stay warm all! Hope you enjoy your days off as much as I’m enjoying mine!

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