The CoP’s got talent

I cannot believe we are back in class already. Christmas break went way too fast for me. Hopefully all of you were able to enjoy some much needed rest and time with friends and family. I always enjoy the beginning of second semester, there are so many activities the first week back! We start off the first day back with the annual College of Pharmacy Talent Show!!! The night starts out with appetizers and a silent auction.I came so close to winning a food truck experience with Dr. B and a beer growler from the Bent Paddle. Unfortunately some third year girls out bid me. Then the show starts! We had some truly talented people this year.

photo 1

Ajay and Meena doing a Bollywood dance.

photo 2

Mario on a mission to save Princess Peach

photo 3


Then the first weekend back is the annual College of Pharmacy Bonspiel!!! For those of you who don’t know what a bonspiel is I’ll explain. A bonspiel is a big curling competition. If you’ve never heard of curling before, by the time you leave the CoP in Duluth you will love curling!! Everyone looks forward to this event! We cross the bridge to the Superior Curling Club for a weekend of some great curling competition. This year the theme was curling with the classics. We all got to dress up as our favorite book, author, or character. My team chose to do The Great Gatsby. Once again the pharmacy students were able to show their creativity with amazing costumes. We had a Harry Potter team, Lord of the Flies team, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs team, Peter Pan team, and a Hunger Games team to name a few. And to make the event even better there are door prizes at the end. I won a gift card to Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth!!!



This is a picture of the second years that competed this year.

If you will be joining us on the Duluth campus next year get ready for these fun events!!

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