Did you know…

that in Angola, only 18% of the population are equipped with clean water, sanitation, and hygiene?
that in India, the mortality rate is high due to sanitation issues?
that in all over the world, health issues lead to productivity loss and economic loss?

Global Health Case Competition is an event held in the Twin Cities campus where interdisciplinary teams from different schools at the University of Minnesota come together to research and present a case based on global health issues. This year, the challenge was to develop foreign investment in sanitation that will contribute to China’s prosperity. We were asked to devise a 5-year-plan for the company in China that will improve the sanitation in foreign countries and benefit the economy in China. The case was released last Monday, and we met for a couple hours everyday to prepare a PowerPoint presentation. During this time, Xuran and Michael researched on the financial data and statistics of China’s foreign relationship with Angola and India; Robin and Dan researched about the social marketing and how to advertise and sustain these technological implementations. Jay and I researched about the sanitation issues in India and China and put together graphs and charts. We were sure that we had our first place.

We arrived in the Twin Cities around 11:00 pm and practiced our case presentation until about 1:30 pm. Then we briefly read the biographies of our judges and went into present. It was nerve-wrecking to be standing in front of the judges, but I had researched this all week and became passionate about it. After our presentation, we stayed to watch the top two teams’ presentations. After the day was over, we headed over to a Chinese restaurant in St.Paul to celebrate the Chinese New Years.

All in all, it was surprising to see that some of the things that are taken granted in the U.S, such as toilets in the house and clean water, are urgently needed in other countries that without them, their economy and health suffer. It was a good opportunity to learn about the immediate issues as well as the business aspects of implementing technologies and targeting the consumers’ needs. I also had a chance to meet and get to know the students from other departments, and spend a good amount of time with them before and after the presentation. I would do it again next year.

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Photo to credit by Amy Scheller

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  1. Medicine Lee

     /  September 30, 2014

    Hannah, I wish to be where you are someday.


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