Fall semester of PD2 and Minnesota winter! After having gone through the toughest semester of pharmacy school, I’m glad to say that we all survived! It’s going to be a piece of cake from now on (or not)! I hope everyone had a great winter break! I know I did! Got 8+ hours of sleep every night has never felt this good 🙂  And on top of that, two days of cold days right after the beginning of spring semester? YES!!!! More catch up time!

What’s great about the spring semester is that we have a significant lighter course load. While I’m not saying that the materials are easy, the fact that we are done everyday at noon definitely allows us more time to do things, including taking electives! I’ve decided to take an OTC course and as the title suggests…. yep, you’re right. It’s about OTC. This is the last year that the College of Pharmacy is offering this course since OTC medications are now in the new curriculum. Although I am interested in working at a hospital setting in the future, I thought it’d be helpful to have some knowledge in OTC medications! It’ll definitely come in handy when your family and friends ask for OTC advice 🙂

Until next time… Stay warm!

Pictures of the week:
(From upper left corner, going in clock-wise direction)

1. Excuse me while I escape to Texas! Soaking up the sun!
2. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try the BEST TASTE APPLE. Not really sure if it’s really the best taste but it sure has the weirdest color.
3. First Friday party at PDX.
4. Celebrating my roommate’s birthday.

One more thing! Check out this new student life video. I promise that this video is so awesome that it’ll make you want to apply to the University of Minnesota!

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