Concordia College Handbell Choir Tour

Had a delightful surprise concert from the ladies of Concordia’s Handbell Choir while up north. Here’s a selection from their concert. Enjoy!

Happy Maple Syrup Day!!

Greetings from up north!

Today, I was able to visit the Forest History Center in Grand Rapids, MN to learn all about maple syrup…since it is Maple Syrup Day ūüôā Here I got to learn about all of Minnesota’s forests through guided tours of a 1900s era logging camp. I saw how the men lived and worked right on site! As an added bonus, in honor of Maple Syrup Day, I also learned about the history and science of maple syrup, and got to try out some homemade ice-cream with maple syrup topping and of course, maple syrup popcorn!

This is the first year the center is open during the winter, however, they plan to be open all year round to provide great hands-on learning experiences and exploration in the north woods.

Come and visit if you’re around town! Enjoy the pictures.

-Kim & Phat

The cold cold cold NORTH!!!

My backyard for 5 weeks!

Hello from up north!!!

Despite the bone penetrating chill, northern Minnesota’s beauty is incomparable. As part of my rural rotation experience, I get to wake up to the rising sun from this lake every morning. What a life ūüôā

What does HOPE stand for?

Health of people everywhere!

Today we had our photos taken for the new executive board member for HOPE clinic for next year. For those who are not familiar with, HOPE clinic is a student-run non-profit organization that serves the uninsured and underserved population in downtown Duluth. As a first year, it is required that we sign up to volunteer at the CHUM center during the semester. I volunteered as a student pharmacist, liked it, and applied for the executive board member position. What I like the most about HOPE clinic is that it is located in the heart of downtown Duluth where the poverty population is the most severe. Not to mention, it is a good way to put my SOAP note skills into practice (SOAP : subjective, objective, assessment, and plan–it is a way to record the patient’s diagnosis on the chart.)! As the executive board member, I have a chance to coordinate the clinic next year and will learn how to make referrals, organize and keep the patients’ log, and ensure the clinic runs smoothly through communicating with faculty members, preceptors, and medical students. We also receive donations: ¬† ūüôā


Interprofessional Fun!

Hello readers,

First, I’d like to apologize for my long absence. Despite it being a quiet semester, time still seems to get away from me (perhaps I’m enjoying having time to be lazy?!) Anywho….

During second year, as part of our lab course we are required to take part in an inter-professional activity at St. Scholastica. Basically, a group of nursing, pharmacy, medicine, and social work students get together, they have a paid actor/actress come in and enact a scenario and one-by-one, you get to go into the room, talk to the patient (everybody else watches the interaction through a one-sided mirror), and at the end you come together to develop a care plan.

I had my group last Friday, and without giving out details of the case (for those who have yet to go), I will just say that it was SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! It was really interesting to see what things that other professions were focused on, where we differed on our questions, things that were the same, things that we thought others would ask but only pharmacy asked about.

It was a really great opportunity for us to get together and work with other health professionals, an opportunity that we don’t often get through classes. With so many changes in the profession of pharmacy, it was a really motivating experience for us to bring vital services to the care team. It makes me more excited to be in pharmacy school in such a dynamic period.

In other news, the snow is starting to melt. Added excitement to my life. This time next week, I’ll be on spring break. Additional excitement. APhA in Orland shortly following spring break.. EXCITEMENT!!!

That is all. Happy Days!

Going out with a bang!

So what have I been up to during my LAST SEMESTER OF CLASSES EVER?

Besides the normal busy work that classes, working, and organizational clubs come with I have been working vigorously on my Pharm D. IV Research Project. I am conducting a retrospective study comparing two protocols used to treat a variety of cancers in patients at Fairview. It has been a very¬†busy process with IRB, study design, and¬†the¬†literature review. I hope¬†to finish the project within the next few¬†months and hopefully be able to publish the results within the year. I get to work with a couple of our Oncology Pharmacist’s as well as learn a lot more about statistical software than I ever thought I would!

Besides this I have been trying to make sure I am as ready as possible for rotations. I cannot believe I start rotations in 4 months! I am very nervous, but very excited! I am very pleased with how the rotation selection process worked out and I got most of the areas I was interested in. Here are my rotations as a sample for what you may expect. I will say this varies greatly by what you select as your preferences. I know my fellow classmates that are interested more in ambulatory or retail have very different looking rotations.

Oncology- Minnesota Oncology/Hematology

Rural/Community- Big Lake, MN

Acute Care- North Memorial Medical Center

Ambulatory Care- Hennepin County Medical Center

Elective-Intro to Academia, U of M College of Pharmacy

Emergency Medicine/Toxicology- Regions Hospital

Elective Institutional- Bethesda Hospital

Other exciting news! The light rail ¬†which stops right outside the College of Pharmacy has had it’s practice runs going!


So excited for when this actually gets running!

Till next time!

Minnesota Security Hospital at St.Peter

During my 4th year rotation with the Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center, I was given the opportunity to visit the MN State Hospital in St.Peter. This is a secure psychiatric hospital in Minnesota. It serves people who have been committed by the court as mentally ill and dangerous. Because of the security and safeguard for their residents, I was only able to visit the museum located on site. Here are some of the pictures documenting the history behind the hospital and showcasing some medical treatments used on patients back then. Enjoy!


Work hard, play hard!

When our professor announces that the cumulative pharmacology final exam is optional…


So we work our butt off to study for the midterms so that we don’t have to take the final!


Never have I been so studious in my life ūüėõ
Good luck studying! And good luck to all of you who are interviewing this week! YOU CAN DO IT!