Going out with a bang!

So what have I been up to during my LAST SEMESTER OF CLASSES EVER?

Besides the normal busy work that classes, working, and organizational clubs come with I have been working vigorously on my Pharm D. IV Research Project. I am conducting a retrospective study comparing two protocols used to treat a variety of cancers in patients at Fairview. It has been a very busy process with IRB, study design, and the literature review. I hope to finish the project within the next few months and hopefully be able to publish the results within the year. I get to work with a couple of our Oncology Pharmacist’s as well as learn a lot more about statistical software than I ever thought I would!

Besides this I have been trying to make sure I am as ready as possible for rotations. I cannot believe I start rotations in 4 months! I am very nervous, but very excited! I am very pleased with how the rotation selection process worked out and I got most of the areas I was interested in. Here are my rotations as a sample for what you may expect. I will say this varies greatly by what you select as your preferences. I know my fellow classmates that are interested more in ambulatory or retail have very different looking rotations.

Oncology- Minnesota Oncology/Hematology

Rural/Community- Big Lake, MN

Acute Care- North Memorial Medical Center

Ambulatory Care- Hennepin County Medical Center

Elective-Intro to Academia, U of M College of Pharmacy

Emergency Medicine/Toxicology- Regions Hospital

Elective Institutional- Bethesda Hospital

Other exciting news! The light rail  which stops right outside the College of Pharmacy has had it’s practice runs going!


So excited for when this actually gets running!

Till next time!

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