What does HOPE stand for?

Health of people everywhere!

Today we had our photos taken for the new executive board member for HOPE clinic for next year. For those who are not familiar with, HOPE clinic is a student-run non-profit organization that serves the uninsured and underserved population in downtown Duluth. As a first year, it is required that we sign up to volunteer at the CHUM center during the semester. I volunteered as a student pharmacist, liked it, and applied for the executive board member position. What I like the most about HOPE clinic is that it is located in the heart of downtown Duluth where the poverty population is the most severe. Not to mention, it is a good way to put my SOAP note skills into practice (SOAP : subjective, objective, assessment, and plan–it is a way to record the patient’s diagnosis on the chart.)! As the executive board member, I have a chance to coordinate the clinic next year and will learn how to make referrals, organize and keep the patients’ log, and ensure the clinic runs smoothly through communicating with faculty members, preceptors, and medical students. We also receive donations:  http://hope.mguimont.com/aboutUs.html 🙂


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  1. I love that your staff takes the time to talk with me about progress, fitntrauross and options. They are always so nice and don’t make me feel rushed and on that the answer to my questions are not rehearsed on something they have to repeat 10 times a day. You have the best staff!

    • hannahchang90

       /  April 28, 2014

      Thank you for your comment. I am grateful that you feel welcomed at HOPE Clinic. We will do our best to provide the patient service that is friendly and patient-centered.

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