Catching Up

Another snow day has arrived in Duluth. I would say this is our 4th snow day. 🙂


Recently, things that are going on since our spring break: We started our day with Research Symposium, which is an all-day event where students, professors, and residents present their research posters they worked on previous semesters. It was very interesting to see all the different varieties of topics and research areas. One that has particularly interested me was the access to healthcare in underserved population, and how the administration of medication affects psychiatric release/re-admission. It was very relaxed, and laid-back, and we were free to ask any questions as we went around each section.


Elections, elections! There are many elections being held for 2014-2015 positions in many organizations, namely Kappa Psi, MPSA, MPSO, UMD PharmD..etc! Through e-mail, anyone can nominate anyone or themselves. Then, we bring clickers and listen to the 1 min speech of each candidate. It may be a daunting process, but it is also cool to see how the e-board for next year is being formed.


As for classes, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology are HARD. They are more integrated with each other, so one must know one subject in order to know the other (vice versa). But the good thing is, it makes studying easier in some degree. As knowing one thing in one class leads to doing well in the other class as well. I am making notecards, re-watching the lectures, and using my precious snow-day to catch up on some work. Hopefully, it is not our last one yet! Well actually, it’s April, so I hope it is our last one.

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