Hello readers!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with Spring Break and APhA Annual in sunny Orlando. I’m hitting that time in the year when I struggle to find motivation.

Spring Break was much needed! I went home and basically bummed around and hung out with my friends and family and recharged. I came back, had an exam and headed out for APhA. It was such a great experience for so many reasons:

1. It was a great time for me to catch up and spend time with our counterparts in the Twin Cities. Having gone to the Twin Cities for my undergrad, I knew a couple of people already but I met so many more wonderful people and it was a generally just a great way for me to connect with our counterparts that I always see on screen.

^Intercampus Bonding! Yes… I do love me a good duck-faced selfie!

2. It was really interesting to be a part of the conference events, seeing how as students, we’re working on doing things that impact how we will practice. It was fun seeing where the policies that the national organization promotes originate. It was also really great to see what other schools were doing (in addition to what we do here) to help promote our profession.

3. It was a great networking opportunity! I’m definitely not a strong networker, and find it hard to strike up conversation with practicing pharmacists because I have a hard time finding ways to approach them. However, with other students, it’s so easy to find something in common. We met people from all over the country, from Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, Indiana, and it was so easy to approach them (most of them were PDX so we just walked up to them and introduced ourselves!).

4. It was warm and sunny! We greatly enjoyed our time by the poolside!

Our hotel pool


And just for funsies:

I’m definitely looking forward to going to APhA 2015 in sunny San Diego, California. And if anybody is on the fence about going, DO IT!!!! If nothing else, you can get away from the snow and enjoy some sunshine! I was hoping the snow would have been gone by the time I got back, but we just had a snow storm last week. On the bright side, we had another snow day on Friday which gave us an extra weekend to study (or think about how we should be studying)!!! And it’s slowly but surely warming up, and the snow is melting. Spring is almost here (hopefully)!


In other news… we had PDX elections today! Congratulations to the new e-board! It’s going to be another great year ahead!

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