Kappa Psi YMCA Healthy Kids Day + ACCP Meeting

Kappa Psi had a pledge project at the YMCA center today. YMCA Healthy Kids Day was to help set up & interact with kids with activities such as arts & crafts, face painting, and bouncy house. I was glad to have taken my time out of the weekend to volunteer with my fellow Kappa Psi Pharmers.






Scrumptious lunch at Va Bene. A must-go Italian restaurant in Duluth

Scrumptious hummus panini at Va Bene. A must-visit when you are in Duluth!


Two weeks ago, I attended ACCP meeting that was held in Chicago. The topic was “How to Become a Standout Residency Candidate.” Over the course of two days, we heard speeches from the directors and professors from pharmacy schools across the states about researches, building resumes, and preparing for the interview. One of the tips that resonated with me came from Dr. Rodgers, a clinical associate professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She said that when confronted with questions that one does not know, it is quiet appropriate to say “I do not know the answer to this question, but I promise that I will get back to you after researching it.” This is not necessarily a bad answer; but it is an honest answer. In addition, she empathized the importance of a Thank You note. Email works fine, but a sincere, hand-written note after interview is always the best. After the speeches, we had CV-resume workshop and a roundtable where we were free to ask any questions to current residents in pharmacy.  CV workshop was tremendously helpful: I fixed mine and added some details, that I would have never caught if I had not reviewed it with a P3 pharmacy student from New York who sat next to me. (For example “volunteered as a student ambassador” vs. “volunteered three times a semester as a student ambassador”). I never considered going into residency prior to attending this meeting, however, I was able to come out of it with a hopeful and competent mindset that residency is one of the possible areas I could explore in my P3 year.



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