Mission Completed. ON TO THE NEXT!

Hi World!

I’m proud to announce that we’re officially done with the second year of pharmacy school! That means we’re half way done with school and one more step closer to being called Doctors of Pharmacy (woohoo)! Words simply just can’t explain how I feel right now and it’s kinda weird not having to get up before sunrise to study. I slept in today and felt sooooooo goooooood!

Everyone warned us about the “terrible twos (PD2 year)” and yes, I agree that the heavy workload of PD2 year was quite an experience, but “Nobody said it was easy(not a Coldplay fan, but I like this song!)”. One good thing is that I was able to apply the clinical knowledge we learned this year at the PNC. There’s no better feeling than coming up with a recommendation and your med and pharmacy preceptors nodding their heads and say, “Yep, you’re right!”. OH YEAAAAAAH, I learned something and I am saving lives!!! 😀

So, you may wonder what’s my summer plan now that school is over. Well, I’ll be working full-time at my current internship and I’ll also be starting my hospital IPPE. My hospital IPPE site is going to be at the Methodist Hospital. I was lucky enough to be assigned to my top choice and I look forward to starting my rotation this August! Don’t worry, I’ll definitely write about my experience this summer!

Adios second year! We’ll be the big kids on campus next year! 🙂

Good luck to all the first and second years on your finals! You’re almost there!!!!!

And to all of you, happy summer!!!!

Last but not least… some random picture time!



Hi Ajay! Cross-campus blogger reunion! Ajay and I actually met in undergrad here at the U. Glad to see him on Pharmacy Day! 🙂


Seriously can’t survive second year without these ladies!


Bye-bye second year!

Before Entering PD1 Year …

Here are my thoughts to the questions received from the prospective students as the end of the semester is drawing closer:

1. Is it necessary to purchase a tablet and to take notes with a stylus during the lectures?

– The students use both laptop and tablets to take notes for class. For classes that require extensive note-taking, such as case studies in Applied Pharmaceutical Care, it maybe preferable to use the laptop to type the words. For classes such as Drug Delivery and Immunology, it may be sufficient to download the lectures posted on Moodle on iPad and then to add in a few descriptive words for further understanding. For classes that require drawing of the molecular structures and metabolism reactions (i.e. Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology), stylus and iPad save a lot of papers. “Notability” is a very versatile app that enables students to organize class notes using different colors, highlighters, and post-its. (http://www.gingerlabs.com/)

2. When is the appropriate time to apply for internship, and what is the process of getting an internship license?

The past two semesters, there were recruiters from Cubs, Thrifty White and Target looking to interview pharmacy students for internship. Prior to applying, e-mails are sent out about the possible internship opportunities, and the students who are interested are encouraged to sign-up for a time slot.

At the end of the first pharmacy year, there is a presentation from the Board of Pharmacy about the process of getting an intern license. Usually, it requires an online registration of filling out a document, and an application fee. Anyone who completed the first year of pharmacy school is eligible to apply.

3. What are some types of organizations offered in the Duluth campus?

There are many organizations in the school of pharmacy. For example,  Kappa Psi, and H.O.P.E clinic. Kappa Psi is a nationwide fraternity organization. The brothers organize volunteering, health fairs, Diabetes Walk, social gatherings and weekly meetings. H.O.P.E Clinic is a non-profit clinic for the uninsured, underserved population in Duluth. Pharmacy students and medical students are encouraged to sign up once or twice every semester to serve the local patients. For pharmacy students, there is an opportunity to sign-up for a student pharmacist, front-desk attendant, or patient advocate.

Once the school starts, there is a long stream of informational sessions about different organizations, and e-mails about how to sign up to be a part of the organization of one’s choice.

4. Is it possible to work during the academic year?

It is certainly possible to work during the academic year. About 50% of our class hold jobs. Others are involved in school or volunteering. It depends on how one would like to portray yourself after graduating, and what kind of experiences one is looking to have during the pharmacy school journey. For example, if planning a residency after graduation, GPA and extracurricular leadership are what one may consider more than working.

5. How can one find a housing?

There is graduate housing on campus:

http://www.d.umn.edu/housing/ (Duluth : have to specify “Graduate Housing” on the application)

http://www.housing.umn.edu/graduate/ (Twin cities)

There is also a google doc of the list of housings available to the pharmacy students during the summer and the academic year. This will be e-mailed during the semester and will be visible to pharmacy students who are looking for roommates for the next term.

Where Did April Go?!

Hello Readers,

I can’t believe it’s already May 1st!!! The last time I wrote was just after APhA, and so much has happened since then, but unfortunately the arrival of Spring was NOT one of them!!! But fingers crossed, it shall come soon enough (or we can skip straight to Summer!).

A couple of the big things that DID happen:

The Melendy Lecture that is put on by college board: Dr Brooks Jackson, dean of the med school and VP of the Academic Health Center came to talk to us about his work with neonatal HIV prevention in Uganda. After the lecture, a few of us had the pleasure of meeting with Dr Jackson in a smaller group setting. It was so interesting to hear about his research, but also to get the opportunity to ask questions about other things related to pharmacy and medicine and it’s future. If this sounds like fun to you, I’ll just go ahead and put in my plug: Be a College Board representative through a student group and you can have this opportunity too!!!

Campus Swap: It happened to fall on what I modestly refer to as the most wonderful day of the year, my birthday! Campus Swap was a fun opportunity to meet more of my Twin Cities counterparts and also reconnect with the new friends that I made in Florida at APhA. Also, an iTV birthday song led by Dr Undeberg was quite possibly the best (and most embarrassing) thing ever! 

And tomorrow is PHARMACY DAY! Yet another good chance for some intercampus mingling and fun. Hopefully the weather pans out for tomorrow. (I’m really done with this cold weather..)

Before I know it, it will be time for finals and then “summer” if that season still comes to Minnesota! Take care readers. Try to stay dry and (hopefully) I’ll write again soon!