Puebla Service Trip

The clinic we saw over 200 patients. The temperature was approximately 100F.

The clinic we saw over 200 patients. The temperature was approximately 100F. Dr.T, Elizabeth, and Megyn

Hello everyone!

As the summer is winding down, I am back in Duluth. Summer has been a lot of reading and moving in stuff to my new apt in Summit Ridge. In the Beginning of the summer break, however, I had an incredible chance to part-take in the Puebla Service Trip organized by MPSA. It was a week long trip, approximately, in May. Some of the highlights of the trip personally, were :

1) We saw over 494 patients total. One day, our group saw about 200 patients in one clinic. A lot of local villagers came for a1c testing, blood pressure reading, and counseling.

2) Major drawback for me, was communicating with the locals. My knowledge in Spanish has deteriorated, since, 8th grade. However, there were translators who volunteered to come with us. From them, I learned simple phrases for taking the in-patient form.

3) Puebla is a gorgeous city. The day we went, they were having “international day” at the local market. We had a chance to eat great food from the world, waffles, lemonade, and kebob.! and learn about the cultures.

4) We were over three different villages, before we arrived in Puebla. We provided height & weight measurement, blood pressure reading, blood glucose and cholesterol testings, and counseling session.

All in all, it was an amazing experience. After an year long of lab and textbooks, it was time to practice interacting with patients in a real healthcare setting. It was also an amazing time to get to know my classmates as well as the students in Twin Cities. After hundreds of pictures uploaded on Facebook in our special album, we bid farewell to see each other again next May.

Things I would consider before joining the trip:

Learn Spanish.


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